Another Marvelous Evening at NJPAC!

Kudos to the Richard Nader Entertainment, Co for putting on a spectacular show on Saturday Evening.Musical guests included Ben E. King (Stand by Me), Gene Chandler (Groovy Situation), Bobby Lewis (85 years young. God bless him.)  Also present were (Tossin’ & Turnin’) Joey Dee & The Starliters (Peppermint Twist), the Shades of Blue (Oh How Happy), and Frankie Lymon’s Teenagers (Why do Fools Fall in Love).  Once again these acts showed everyone  the enduring legacy of Rock & Roll; music that is timeless, infinite and will stay with us for ever.

Two of the founding members of the Teenagers (Herman Santiago, Jimmy Merchant) showcased their extreme longevity (53 years with the group) and magnificent signing and choreography arrangements.   Their performance showed once again why The Teenagers are duo hall inductees, members of both the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame well as the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.  This performance was an enduring legacy of music that should not have been missed by anyone hail, hail Rock and Roll. Another marvelous evening at NJPAC!

–Jeffrey Hunter


One Response to “Another Marvelous Evening at NJPAC!”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    Nice job, Jeffrey. It seems you enjoyed your weekend! We will go over some edits for your post in class. Good work!


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