The West Coast Travels Into The Abyss

The NBA’s New York Knicks (3-10) and the abysmally decrepit New Jersey Nets (0-13) head into the dreaded West Coast swing part of their NBA schedules this coming week.

The Knicks v. the Clippers and the Nets will face a rejuvenated Denver Nuggets squad this evening.

The Nets, as every one can attest, are presently closing in on the NBA mark for futility (no wins at the start of a season) with thirteen consecutive losses (the record is seventeen).  Although the franchise has been decimated with key injuries, even their front office executives have stated “this is no excuse, we should be able to beat some of these clubs everyone has injuries.”  Ironic to say the least considering the fact that the present head coach (Lawrence Frank) set the record for most consecutive wins by a first year head coach (13) to start a season (2004).  Don’t expect Mr. Frank to last the duration of the trip.

The New York Knickerbockers, no bed of roses themselves, find the franchise in the same position as their across the bridge brethren: Win now or else.  With upcoming games against the finest the NBA has to offer (Lakers, Nuggets, etc.) although with more wins than the Nets, (3), the Knicks are in similar dire straits.  If both franchises are looking for the respect of their peers and home fans, I would expect both franchises to give their all during this significant west coast jaunt.  Stay tuned.

Jeffrey Hunter-


One Response to “The West Coast Travels Into The Abyss”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    Mr. Hunter,
    I don’t follow sports but I’ll surely have something to contribute to the next NY sports conversation I find myself in. Thank you! Great writing.


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