“Who Got Served”- Wadson Auguste (Watts)

The ruling class (political elite) is at it again. “No taxation without representation”  is a most appropriate slogan, though recycled from the American Revolution.  Every hard-working American, whether aware of it or not, pays for health care . The problem is the health care benefits they provide for are not for themselves or their children. Instead the health care plans they provide are for  politicians. Many of these same people that occupy desks and chairs in Congress only serve themselves. They are elected and “serve” as our uncharacteristic representatives.

These “Mis-Representatives” claim people should provide health care for themselves. It should not be the government’s responsibility to do so.They use rhetoric such as,” We live in a free market society; we don’t want socialism in America.” Simultaneously, they not only get paid hefty salaries in comparison to the public in which they solely exist to serve, but in the form of taxes they covertly front every tax paying American their personal medical bills as well.

That is right.  You are paying for their health care plans. If that wasn’t underhanded enough, many of these free-loaders try to tell us via media and other propaganda machines, that the American people don’t want universal health care. I have to give it to them though, not only is this working it seems that the old saying is correct: “If you say something long enough people will begin to believe it.”  People don’t even stop to ask, “Where do all these politicians get their health care plans from?”  or “How much do they make annually? Should we even be providing them with health care?”

These politicians use scare tactics as their main tool of persuasion.  They raise questions such as,  “Who would pay for it? Is it fair to the private sector? What about health care monopolies?” They claim that the private sector would not be able to compete with the government’s universal plan. I wonder why? Can it be that the private sectors plans are too outrageously expensive to begin with? I can’t speak for every American but I am not as utterly foolish as the ruling class would like to believe I am.

What an odd notion.  These free loaders would like to convince us that they are so concerned and worried about the economic deficit and  so for that concern alone the government can’t afford to provide its citizens universal health care. If this was really a concern of theirs would they just keep giving themselves pay raises? Even during all these wars and economic meltdowns that we’ve been facing?

You can’t tell that “we the people” are in fact the Government. Many Americans are taking pay cuts and losing job benefits just to maintain employment, not to mention that 10% of Americans are unemployed. Meanwhile these political fat cats are just living the life.

From1990 to 2003 politicians’ annual pay went from $98,000 to $158,000 dollars and now just 3 years later it’s a whopping $174,000. Guess who gets to yea or nay whether they get a pay raise. Get ready for a shocker: they do. They’ve even passed laws which will see to it that their pay increases just about every year with no regards for the condition they leave America or its citizens in.

Do these people still sound like they care about the growing economic deficit? Or do they sound like traitors to the American public? They are in fact traitors. They have turned their backs on the citizens of this country and they also continue to trade the futures of this nation’s children for their own vested interest.


Signing off,

This has been Wadson Auguste for Upward Bound News Network (UBNN)



One Response to ““Who Got Served”- Wadson Auguste (Watts)”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    Another great post, Wadson! I take it that this post will count as your healthcare assignment. You have great ideas, Wadson, and you explain yourself very well. Keep an eye out for minor spelling errors and punctuation (quotation marks and comma usage). Great work!


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