The Allen Iverson Escapade Continues………….

Former Philadelphia 76er superstar and fourteen year vet Allen Iverson’s personal accolades, scoring championships and praise are all in fact terrific. But Iverson continues to miss the point regarding his playing status.

When announced last week to Philadelphia Inquirer/sportscaster/writer Stephen A. Smith that he was retiring from the league after fourteen seasons, the former Georgetown University standout let it be known that his premature retirement from the game was sincere and complete.  For a player his size (6’0″), Iverson was one of the games premier players and feared competitors and defenders. The ten-time plus all-star, four-time scoring champion, was an unholy terror against some of the best defenders of the NBA during his tenure.  Hence, the problem, the storied and volatile (that’s putting it mildly) temperament which has made him an NBA legend has also led to his recent isolation and banishment from the league.

While his scoring and assists are second to none in league history, Iverson’s effect on teammates (both present & past) has caused an ingratiating “me first, team second, you last” attitude.  Iverson’s aloof attitude and mentality, (which former teammates have testified to) has resulted in zero team championships during his NBA tenure.  Iverson’s refusal to come off the bench & contribute to an NBA contender and refusal to change both his attitude and game (“I’ve always been and I always will be starter, I don’t come off the bench.”) is in stark contrast to another Hall of Fame great and championship player who ever played the game, one John Havlicek of the multi-championship Boston Celtics.  Havlicek, an outstanding guard/forward from Ohio State University, had extreme difficulty breaking into the lineup of that Celtic dynasty of the mid to late 1960’s.

Biding his time and coming off the bench (hint) to spell those great teammates he could not unseat (Bill Russell, Sam & K.C. Jones, Bob Cousy, Tom Henson, etc.) Havlicek became, as the years progressed became not only became a formidable finisher, but finally a championship starter.  Leading Coach Auerbach’s Celtic’s of the late 60’s and early 70’s championship squads, Havlicek showed that patience and virtue are the ingredients necessary to lead a championship ball club, showing his teammates it’s not where you start, but where you finish.  Something that Mr. Iverson has yet to learn in fourteen non-champion ship basketball seasons.  No one player is bigger than the game; it’s the championships that you leave your teammates and fans with, not the other way around.  Let’s see if the banishment continues.

Jeffrey Hunter-


One Response to “The Allen Iverson Escapade Continues………….”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    He should of went to the Knicks
    because they need help too.
    Lets go New York.

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