The Salahi’s Unimpressive Debut

The national uproar of the violation of last Tuesday’s first state dinner of President Obama’s administration by Mr. & Mrs. Tareq Salahi is, to say the least,  in very poor taste and a most personal affront, not only to the high office of the President, but to the American people as well.

The Office of the President and his immediate staff are not only the most highly regarded and respected members of the United States government, but the President still carries the moniker of number one leader of the free world today. It is incomprehensible to think that anyone would stoop to such degradation and callowness to soil the office of the President for personal monetary and national fame (a membership on a TV reality show)? Incredible to say the least!!!!

Is this where our society and culture has gone today? Can someone explain to me how this couple (who was just recently caught doing the same thing at a Congressional Black Caucus dinner) once again has the temerity to pull this stunt?  Simply amazing. Maybe someone should explain to the Halahi’s their attendance somehow could have been misconstrued as an attack on the President, while the Secret Service utilizing their shoot first, ask questions later mantra killed them on the spot, that certainly would have been reality TV material wouldn’t you say?

Also, let’s not allow Director Mark Sullivan and his band of renowned (The U.S. Secret Service) their bungling, and tomfoolery during this fiasco, should in fact call for not only his head, but a stern lashing if not outright termination of the Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano as well.

The President and the First Lady are absolutely livid that this breech of security not only took place, but the Salahi’s had the access and comfort ability to mingle with the President and his staff as they did. Here’s hoping a quick trip to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas might be a panacea to this problem.

Jeffrey Hunter-


One Response to “The Salahi’s Unimpressive Debut”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    Out of sight. On a positive note
    It shows that many people are so
    excited in seeing a person of color
    running the show, that they would do just about anything
    to get next to the man. Lets pray they stay away.
    I am glad this was exposed because I’m black and
    I know I would of never got through the door no offense (I do mean fence). Secret service.
    Interesting HMMM.

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