Peace In a Troubled World

Can we find peace in this troubled world?  Do we live in peace? For many, the clear answer is no. They live in areas plagued by wars, political unrest, ethnic violence, or terrorism. Even if you are spared of such calamities, you might find your peace disturbed by crime, harassment, and quarrels with business partners or neighbors. Families, too, are often like war zones rather than havens of peace.  Many people yearn for inner peace. They may search for it in religion, meditation seminars, or yoga groups. Others hope to find peace in nature, taking vacation trips, hiking in mountains and wilderness areas, or visiting natural spas.

Even if they seem to search for inner peace, they may soon come to realize that such peace is superficial and short-lived. So where can you find real peace? The source of peace is our creator, Jehovah god. Why is he the god who gives peace?  Romans 15: 33 says: “Under the rule of his kingdom that is soon to come, there will be an abundance of peace.”  Later, Matthew 6: 9 to 10 says, “This is far more than just a feeble peace settlement… Such accords often herald little more than a brief interruption in hostilities, but god’s peace that will eliminate all causes of war and strife. In fact, no one will learn war anymore.”

Real peace for all at last, as beautiful as you might dream of, might never come to fruition. Only the peace of god will guard your heart.  Please read Philippians 4 to seven and ask yourself is there a way to find inner peace that can carry you happy, through your troubled times? The bible shows us the way. Consider some guidelines in the fourth chapter of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Philippians. In addition, I advise you to read Philippians verses 4 to 13 in your own bible.

Carl Satterwhite


One Response to “Peace In a Troubled World”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    Now this is what really should
    be posted in a news letter.
    A real nice job.


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