“The Village That Vanished Off The Face of The Earth” Wadson Auguste (Watts)

Wadson Auguste

“The Village that vanished off the face of the Earth”

Whatever happened to that village? Where did that village go? That village, which was so strong, it did not even abide by one of science’s strictest physical laws .The law that states one thing, cannot be present at more than one place at a time. The village I am talking about did not reside at any one place on the map. The village I am referring to existed probably just as long as human society or humanity its self. The village I am talking about is a metaphoric one; the village it takes to raise a child.

It seems that village’s presents are not only very vital to that child, but everyone in general.   When people of a society stop caring about one another or overall apathy takes place, everyone in that society will suffer.

I was born in 1979 so technically I’m considered a 70s baby. I don’t consider myself one, because I did most of my growing up in the 80s and 90s. In this short time frame I saw the world’s overall concern for one another diminish. It deteriorated to a state where it’s no longer safe for anyone to raise their children in.

I grew up in a time when children used foul language only when no adults were present. We weren’t angels growing up, but we had some level of respect for all adults.  Every adult whether you personally knew them or just a stranger in the street, warranted some level of respect. These adults played a role that was very crucial in the structure of that village. I think these people were the glue that held that village together for the many years it existed.

There are many factors that aided the destruction and overall eradication of that village, but none more than the undermining of the authority of these adults. There are many people who attest the disappearance of the village on the fact that many children are being brought into this world are being raised solely by one parent. I both agree and disagree with those people.  I think the fact that many well mannered citizens were and still are raised by one guardian or grandparent totally debunks that theory. On the other hand, in order for these single parents and or guardians to raise these children they needed positive outside influences. That’s what the rest of the “villagers” or the other adults provide in that village. Without these villagers the level of guidance and mentor ship a parent can provide for its child is dramatically diminished.

One thing that did abet the destruction of the village is the fact that children are having children.  These children for the most part don’t have respect for themselves or anyone else for that matter, and are raising their children with that same “fuck the world” attitude that they wear so well. These pre-adults don’t know what’s good for them, and are also ignorant to what is good for their children. I have seen times where a child was knowingly doing something wrong and a villager tried to intervene only to have that misguided child’s parent go ballistic on them.  Sometimes these verbal attacks result in disrespecting and or cursing out villagers. This undermining of authority even when a child is wrong, teaches the child they don’t have to listen to anyone other than their parent, until it evolves ultimately to not having to listen to no one for that matter. The child will take this learned behavior everywhere they go. One example of this is felt in the lack of respect for teachers in public schools.  This constant undermining is one reason I feel villagers no longer feel stewardship towards their own society. This is also why feelings of apathy continue to grow faster than the economical deficit when a republican president is in office.

My mother told me when she was a kid growing up in Trinidad if a child did something wrong any villager present could discipline them. And if that child tried to mouth off to or threatened to tell their parents that the villager disciplined them. The villager would visit the child’s home to tell their parents what you did. Then the child’s parents would then discipline them again, right in front of the villager for having shamed them and bringing embarrassment to their self and their family name.

This brings me to discussing the fact that people don’t think much of their lineage and family names anymore. For example, when I was in the military I did many types of jobs. Many of which I felt were degrading jobs. Having to clean toilets and bathrooms and working as a FSA (Food Service Attendant) were two mandatory jobs I hated to do in the military. I hated being a FSA so much in fact I coined my own acronym for FSA; instead of Food Service Attendant I reassigned FSA to meaning Future Slaves of America. With all the above stated I still did the best job I could do in all my military endeavors. Mainly for the fact that my last name is AUGUSTE, it not only represents me but everyone in my family as well. My last name doesn’t belong to me I belong to it and along line of good people that struggled just so I could be here; I must not do anything to tarnish its reputation. I believe “Anytime you do something you are signing your name on it”.  With that said, why would I want to produce crap only to have crap associated with my name?

Another great problem is people can’t discipline their children at their own accord anymore, without the politicians and other control –mongers sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong.  Yes, I feel people should be able to hit and discipline but not abuse their kids. And hitting your child and abusing your child are not synonymous. Giving your child two little smacks on their bottom’s are not the same as giving your  youngster a thrashing, and sending him or her  to school with a story about how the bruises came from tripping on a rug and falling down a flight of stairs. There is a big difference between hitting and disciplining and just straight up product of a broken environment abusive beat down.

I often find myself wondering if anybody ever wondered why the police can lock you up for disciplining your child,  but when your child is on the street any cop can abuse them and it’s the parent’s fault for not raising(disciplining)  their kid’s right? In other words the government should be allowed to beat and imprison your kids, but you shouldn’t hit them in order to instill some type of respect for authority in the first place. If you do then you’re the one that will be imprisoned. I feel if you care about your kids,  you better discipline them if not the cops will do it for you. You will then truly see how starkly different beating and abusing your child really is.

I don’t understand why anybody would let politicians tell them how to raise their children. Think about it, these politicians do pretty much whatever they want with no real repercussions. They even govern our country the same way, look where that got us and our out of touch youth.  They want to raise your children the same way. They want your children to be raised like there are no repercussions for their actions. Then guess what a few years of this belief leads to? It leads to you becoming a now proud parent of a future inmate, drug abuser, or juvenile delinquent. All of this can be avoided. If you want your children to be law bidding citizens you better put the laws down in your house, and enforce it like your children lives and futures depend on it, because they do.


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2 Responses to ““The Village That Vanished Off The Face of The Earth” Wadson Auguste (Watts)”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    thanks for the post, wadson. i made edits to a hard copy of this you handed in for the newsletter. make the edits here as well. thanks, again!


  2. Lisebeth Says:

    Great ! I must say I agreed with everything that you said. Good Work !

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