AITAF Theater

By Randy Lawrence Watson

Adam Driver’s Arts in the Armed Forces was absolutely funny.  He displays various characters’ hidden inner life.  The performers were great.  The performance depicted several famous playwright skits done by popular actors.  John Patrick Shanley (Moonstruck) did a perfect job with setting the tone for the show.  Eric Bogosian (Law and Order) displayed his seasoned ability.  He captured your imagination of a wild sexual ordeal he encounters with a young woman.  Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) played a fine, saucy woman.  She played an excellent role as a kinky female who thinks up all sorts of weird intentions.  Lil Taylor (High Fedelity) was splendid and exposed the secret depths between a woman’s femininity and fantasies.  Jay O. Sanders (Edge of Darkness) did a standup performance and presented the mixed attitudes of a drug user’s experience.  His contrast and comparison was completely hilarious.  Jesse Perez (voice in Grand Theft Auto) portrayed an interesting character as Batman.  He gives the spectator the impression of a make-believe Batman and he really makes you believe it is true.

The setting is a work of art with jazz playing and/cozy a background stage.  Satire was used in each monologue to keep your attention.  There were no least or most favorite scenes for me.  It was well worth going to see.  One could question paying for this, but on the other hand may not really mind.  The overall performance rating for this show is good.


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