The Mitsubishi Corporation.

It is certainly Ironic how the Mitsubishi Corporation a manufacturing giant has inundated the American market today. Electronics, cars, trucks have made this company a marvel in marketing, an identifiable corporation not only in the U.S. but the world as well. With all of their products we can certainly here the roar and hum of their products today, like the roar and hum of the propellers of a past product the company manufactured as well. The Mitsubishi Corporation A6M Zero (Fighter Attack Plane, Second Wave) and it’s brethren of 353. The 353 zero’s who on December 7, 1941 killed 2,402 and 1,282 wounded Americans during a devastating sneak attack on The United States Navy’s new naval base on Pearl Harbor (Hawaiian Islands Oahu). With devastating efficiency leaving the U.S. Naval force a burning and decimated husk who only survived due to a third sweep being cancelled at the last minute by the Imperial Japanese Forces. The same forces who dominate our electronics today. I wonder how the living of that wanton attack feel about this.  Always salute your fellow veteran on December 7, th never forget. You can turn your TV’s back on now.

Jeffrey Hunter-


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