Remakes or Reimaginations

Due to today’s economic hardship, Hollywood has trouble with a cash flow for writers who have original ideas. So Producers look for ways to retell old stories while introducing new stars and new twists and even more gore, than the originals could ever have.

Perfect example of these hard times creating gold. A 1980’s horror flop “Last house on the left”. Just your average crap slasher type flick the 80’s were famous for. The 2008 version of it made me want to crawl up in a corner and shake. Scary stuff. But it was more about the fact that the story was recreated. Nor was it remade.

More of our movies are; “Texas chain saw massacre”,”Texas chain saw massacer -Beginning” and Rob Zombies “Halloween “and Halloween 2” and it doesn’t stop there.

this year there are so many being released in theaters so here are a few to look for; Legion, The Wolfman, Childs Play, Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, Clash of the Titans, Did you hear about the Morgan’s?, She’s out of my League, Creation, Karate Kid.

So the next time that you enjoy a movie think long and hard “did I see this already”?

 winter 2010 / Juan H. Tejeda Jr


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