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My First Show

February 19, 2010

Things are winding down now in this veterans upward bound program. It has been one hell of an experience. I have had no choice but to meet new and interesting personalities. That is what these environments breed, I guess. However the most prominent memory that I will be taking away with me I is that of FELA. FELA! I guess his name can’t be spoken, but screamed. I just experienced my first Broadway show the other day and it delivered in grand fashion. The music,culture, history…everything. It was amazing and boy could those girls move. It has triggered a desire within me to see more just to get more of that experience. I guess that is how i can best describe it, an experience.

By Arinze


Theater Review

February 18, 2010

The  musical show Fela was very entertaining. I enjoyed the show alot.  I liked the dancing and singing. My favorite part of the show was when Fela was talking to his mother and asking her if he could leave Nigeria.  I did not have a least favorite part in the show because I enjoyed all the parts.  The set added to the show. The set helped in telling the story of the Shrine. The lighting effects really added to the set and made it more realistic when it came to the club scenery.  I would recommend my friends and family to go and see it because it was very entertaining and interesting. I would definately go to see this musical again.

Nicola Teixeira

The Reveiw…FELA

February 18, 2010

After being entertained by the play Fela, I struggled my way back to the normal sights and sounds I’m accustomed to.  For over two hours I had been lost in Eugene O’Neill Theatre.  Lost , while being guided through someone elses struggles, beliefs, and redemptions.  When you leave a play like Fela, you feel inspired to unite, grab, and hug.  The whole atmosphere in the theater changes as the play begins.  From the constant changing lights, to the lure of rhythmatic drums and horns, and a mixture of sensational vocals, the play Fela easily gets five thumbs up and a standing ovation well deserved.  The physical sequences along with the sensations of  the  Afobeat, musical self-created style of Fela,  added eye-popping visual effects which led one to move, sway, or bounce as the cast displayed.  There were times I just wanted to leave my seat and never find my way back from the ongoing , electrifying,  music, sights, and even smells.  We the audience, where instructed, chanted in unity, “Yeah, Yeah!” and “Originality no artificiality!”  while clapping to the demanding sounds of drums, was one particular favorite of mind because we were mesmerized into a harmony shared with strangers and friends.  The performers were energized and well-coordinated with the stage and its props.  They were our personal templates to the African dance culture.  Their movements were hypnotic and graceful which kept it hard to sit back into your seat.  They even made a military  setting explosively enjoyable.   I’m currently planning to see this play again and if you love your family and a true harmonic display of unity during the sun or the rain, this play would make great gift and an exciting family outing.                                                                                                            DonYuan CholmondeleyIII /Veteran Upward bound

listen to your heart

February 17, 2010

One day I was on my way to school.  Sometime because of poor time management, I would have to pick up something to eat as I make my way to school.  Now In my neighborhood there is all kind of places to choose from to get a bite to eat.  I usually like to stop by the local pizzeria to get my chow on.  The slices are extremely large with an overflow of cheese and that tasty mouth-watering tomato sauce.  Usually  before I could see the open sign to the pizza shop, I would run into people I haven’t seen,  parents or friends of my kids, and of course people I would rather not see.   On one such day, I ran into one of my younger generation brothers.  Of course he would be one of those I would rather not see.  He has no job and never seems to want to get one.  He considers himself  the next best rapper, but has no kind of guidance or direction in that department.  When I do see him,  our conversation never goes pass how you’re doing and how is the music coming along.  In a twist of conversation, on a day to the pizzeria, I informed him that the reason that he hasn’t seen me as of  late was because I was back in  school working on getting my degree.  Now, out of all the people who I have mentioned that to, they were either proud or congratulating.  I could not believe this young brother took it upon himself to tell me that I was too old to be working on my degree.  He even inquired that I should find something more easier in life to challenge, while passing me by and continuing his destination.  Before I could arrive at the pizzeria, I thought about what he said.  Don’t get me wrong, I was not upset at all.  I have been told worst things in my past.  If I would have listened to any of the BS told to me, I know in my heart,  I would not have such a strong grasp on my future that I have today.  My age allows me to fully understand what I want out of life.  What I want is to always do my best because that’s been in my heart for almost forty years.  If your anything  like me and you want to obtain a more solid grasp on your future, do yourself a favor and listen to your heart.        Don Yuan CholmondeleyIII

Close up human life is tragic…. thats bull

February 9, 2010

They say human life is tragic but i beg to differ due to death is the tragic of human life, you live to learn and experience lessons of life then it’s plug pulled the end.

Newsletter Article I liked

February 9, 2010

The article in the newsletter that I liked was named ” Taste The World” by Hao Huang. I liked the article because I could relate to his experiences traveling to different countries and tasting their food. I enjoyed the way he described the different dishes that he had tasted. The way he described the food made me remember my trip to Beijing, China. It made me picture the various exotic food that I had eaten while I was there. One night while I was on tour in the city, I had visited an outdoor food market. I was amazed at the different types of seafood,insects, and fruits that were done in shish kebab style that the vendors had on display. Just like the writer, I enjoy traveling in the local neighborhoods and tasting their local cuisine. Next time when you go overseas, don’t be afraid to go out into the local community and taste their food.

Nicola Teixeira

A Dumbass in Search of a Greater, More Improved, and Dumber, Dumbass

February 9, 2010

Those were my thoughts as I took the 7 train to 33rd.  This thought was random.  This is something you tell your best friend when your high.  Now, please, do not insult me!  I do not indulge in the leafy leaf, or any other illegal, mind altering substance.  But, I do indorse guns; The Number ONE, neccessary evil!  I have absolutely nothing to write about.  And, if you haven’t figured that out by now then, you sir/mam, are a dumbass in search of a Greater, More Improved (Elite), and DUMBER, dumbass.

God Speed

7th Annual Colon Cancer Challenge 2010

February 9, 2010

The family and friends of Martin Wilson Jr. are inviting you to join us in the 2010, 7th Annual Colon Cancer Challenge. The Challenge is comprised of a 1.7 mile remembrance and prevention walk, a 4 Mile run, and a 15K run that will take place on Sunday, March 28, 2010 in Central Park.

Last year we walked side-by-side a…nd raised over $4,000 in donations. This year we are boldly raising the bar to bring in at least $6,000. We believe with a good head start and a strong outreach to our family, friends, and colleagues, we can reach our goal and surpass it. The Wilson’s believe they are surrounded by a strong group of fundraisers, walkers, and caring hearts that want to do good work and fight the battle for the many that are suffering and for the fallen. To do our work, we are asking for your support in this year’s Colon Cancer Challenge. Collectively we can work towards a cure, while coming together to unite in remembrance of our loved one, Martin Wilson Jr.

Martin who was only 33 year…

Melvin “Krazy Handz” Ware

Click here for more info.

Broken Dreams Devnol S. Tobias

February 9, 2010

I attend Erasmus Hall High School from 1994 to 1998. I was like every kid from the hood i saw basketball as my way out. During my sophmore year my varsity team won a city championship i was not a big part of the team that year but it was a great experience. As my junior year approach i remember the enjoy the upper class had when they was celebrate our campionship. I want that feeling so i woke up everybody at 6 A.M. to go running and do drill. Once i was finish around 8 A.M. i would return home to take a shower and go to work for 9:30 A.M. with the summer youth program. Once work was finish at 2 p.m. i would race out to any tournament  i was participant in i won about four championship that summer.

The championship i really want was another city title this time as a factor to the cause. The team was pretty good an we won our division pretty easily as the playoff approach because of our hard work we won the right to host a home playoff game in the first round. The faculty at my school  never really supported the basketball team this was not more evident than when the choice came down between have a valentine day dance or hosting a playoff game. The school chose the dance so all of our hard work when for nothing when had to travel to Canarsie high School. Our roles was reverse they end up with home advantage. My team put up a valiant effort battle through double overtime and end losing by 2 point. I took the game winning three but it rim out. The reasons i call this broken dreams is because things may have turn out differently if they had came to our gym.

Hello everyone!!!!!!!

February 9, 2010

HI, this is Alberto from the VUBP, just wanna say hello to you guys and hope your weekend was good 🙂 I started my weekend on friday night at my cousin’s house. I took  Paulie to the house with me, he’s a pure  “pit bull,” only 2 months old. He spent over three (3) hours playing with my little six-year-old cousin who is in love with him. She took him upstairs where they both started to play with some of the toys I got him from the pet shop. After running and playing Paulie decided it to come to me crying because he wanted to eat and go in his bed which I didn’t brought for some reason. When I finally leaf  my cousin’s house, I went straight to my house around 11pm, and as soon as we got inside the house Paulie went to the closet where i put his food.  I fed him enough for the night, i gave him a bath then he went to his bed and within ten to fifteen minutes he passed out lol :)….