I think I’m happy that I will be starting class soon. It’s been a long time since many of us have gone to school. I for one haven’t been in an actual school since 2003. We go through our transissions and being in the military we don’t really get a chance to do what we want to do. It is said by US Army sergeants everywhere that “the mission is first” and we hault our everyday life to do what ever it is the mission entails; now that we have a chance to do our own thing we are but how many of us are actually excited and institutionalized into the military state of mind. I still roll my sox and shirts the way I was taught in basic training, thankfully I’m just a national guardsman and didn’t have to live in that mind frame for more than a year. All in all I would like to step out of uniform and congratulate those who have done it for more than a year and I hope you put your mind to your schooling the way you did most of your military careers.

Jose Rivera\Winter 2010


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