went i cough my stroke

I was woking at sizzler as a cook i was cook ing in the kitchen went i bend down in came up my head felt funny then i felt light head so

i do not pay enden attention to what was happy to me so i kept work all night , So went it was time to go home my leg was little weak so i walk home that night . so i was walk home that night my

 left leg felt kind of funned i was couple block from home went i got up stair

my left leg was weak so i act like it was alright so i went to spelt

went i wake up i notice that my left leg was weak so i was scare

so i took myseft to the hospital in that were i caught my stroke i could not walkl or talk evenmore so stay in the hosptal for 6 mouth

i  was so sad in mad at myseft in from that day i told mysefti will never do that agning  

By jerome old time


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