7th Annual Colon Cancer Challenge 2010

The family and friends of Martin Wilson Jr. are inviting you to join us in the 2010, 7th Annual Colon Cancer Challenge. The Challenge is comprised of a 1.7 mile remembrance and prevention walk, a 4 Mile run, and a 15K run that will take place on Sunday, March 28, 2010 in Central Park.

Last year we walked side-by-side a…nd raised over $4,000 in donations. This year we are boldly raising the bar to bring in at least $6,000. We believe with a good head start and a strong outreach to our family, friends, and colleagues, we can reach our goal and surpass it. The Wilson’s believe they are surrounded by a strong group of fundraisers, walkers, and caring hearts that want to do good work and fight the battle for the many that are suffering and for the fallen. To do our work, we are asking for your support in this year’s Colon Cancer Challenge. Collectively we can work towards a cure, while coming together to unite in remembrance of our loved one, Martin Wilson Jr.

Martin who was only 33 year…

Melvin “Krazy Handz” Ware

Click here for more info.


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