Broken Dreams Devnol S. Tobias

I attend Erasmus Hall High School from 1994 to 1998. I was like every kid from the hood i saw basketball as my way out. During my sophmore year my varsity team won a city championship i was not a big part of the team that year but it was a great experience. As my junior year approach i remember the enjoy the upper class had when they was celebrate our campionship. I want that feeling so i woke up everybody at 6 A.M. to go running and do drill. Once i was finish around 8 A.M. i would return home to take a shower and go to work for 9:30 A.M. with the summer youth program. Once work was finish at 2 p.m. i would race out to any tournament  i was participant in i won about four championship that summer.

The championship i really want was another city title this time as a factor to the cause. The team was pretty good an we won our division pretty easily as the playoff approach because of our hard work we won the right to host a home playoff game in the first round. The faculty at my school  never really supported the basketball team this was not more evident than when the choice came down between have a valentine day dance or hosting a playoff game. The school chose the dance so all of our hard work when for nothing when had to travel to Canarsie high School. Our roles was reverse they end up with home advantage. My team put up a valiant effort battle through double overtime and end losing by 2 point. I took the game winning three but it rim out. The reasons i call this broken dreams is because things may have turn out differently if they had came to our gym.


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