Our first week of class we were given classwork.  Our assignment was to write two truths and one lie.  One of my truths were that i just lost a friend over bullshit.  We had’nt spoken for two whole weeks, and then the unevitable happened, she almost lost her life from a relapse of  a kidney disease that was passed down from her father.  Once I found out the news I was there for her, like I always have been and will always continue to be.  This is a friend of mine who means so much to me.  I am only writing this not to exploit her business in anyway, but to express to anyone who has a friend or a sister friend, or a brother friend, and he or she means the world to you dont let a petty arguement get in the way of the love and bonds that you share……for you Tanesha i love you girl, you were looking good today, continue to get well,,,,,,,,,,,keisha


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