Newsletter Article I liked

The article in the newsletter that I liked was named ” Taste The World” by Hao Huang. I liked the article because I could relate to his experiences traveling to different countries and tasting their food. I enjoyed the way he described the different dishes that he had tasted. The way he described the food made me remember my trip to Beijing, China. It made me picture the various exotic food that I had eaten while I was there. One night while I was on tour in the city, I had visited an outdoor food market. I was amazed at the different types of seafood,insects, and fruits that were done in shish kebab style that the vendors had on display. Just like the writer, I enjoy traveling in the local neighborhoods and tasting their local cuisine. Next time when you go overseas, don’t be afraid to go out into the local community and taste their food.

Nicola Teixeira


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