listen to your heart

One day I was on my way to school.  Sometime because of poor time management, I would have to pick up something to eat as I make my way to school.  Now In my neighborhood there is all kind of places to choose from to get a bite to eat.  I usually like to stop by the local pizzeria to get my chow on.  The slices are extremely large with an overflow of cheese and that tasty mouth-watering tomato sauce.  Usually  before I could see the open sign to the pizza shop, I would run into people I haven’t seen,  parents or friends of my kids, and of course people I would rather not see.   On one such day, I ran into one of my younger generation brothers.  Of course he would be one of those I would rather not see.  He has no job and never seems to want to get one.  He considers himself  the next best rapper, but has no kind of guidance or direction in that department.  When I do see him,  our conversation never goes pass how you’re doing and how is the music coming along.  In a twist of conversation, on a day to the pizzeria, I informed him that the reason that he hasn’t seen me as of  late was because I was back in  school working on getting my degree.  Now, out of all the people who I have mentioned that to, they were either proud or congratulating.  I could not believe this young brother took it upon himself to tell me that I was too old to be working on my degree.  He even inquired that I should find something more easier in life to challenge, while passing me by and continuing his destination.  Before I could arrive at the pizzeria, I thought about what he said.  Don’t get me wrong, I was not upset at all.  I have been told worst things in my past.  If I would have listened to any of the BS told to me, I know in my heart,  I would not have such a strong grasp on my future that I have today.  My age allows me to fully understand what I want out of life.  What I want is to always do my best because that’s been in my heart for almost forty years.  If your anything  like me and you want to obtain a more solid grasp on your future, do yourself a favor and listen to your heart.        Don Yuan CholmondeleyIII


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