The Reveiw…FELA

After being entertained by the play Fela, I struggled my way back to the normal sights and sounds I’m accustomed to.  For over two hours I had been lost in Eugene O’Neill Theatre.  Lost , while being guided through someone elses struggles, beliefs, and redemptions.  When you leave a play like Fela, you feel inspired to unite, grab, and hug.  The whole atmosphere in the theater changes as the play begins.  From the constant changing lights, to the lure of rhythmatic drums and horns, and a mixture of sensational vocals, the play Fela easily gets five thumbs up and a standing ovation well deserved.  The physical sequences along with the sensations of  the  Afobeat, musical self-created style of Fela,  added eye-popping visual effects which led one to move, sway, or bounce as the cast displayed.  There were times I just wanted to leave my seat and never find my way back from the ongoing , electrifying,  music, sights, and even smells.  We the audience, where instructed, chanted in unity, “Yeah, Yeah!” and “Originality no artificiality!”  while clapping to the demanding sounds of drums, was one particular favorite of mind because we were mesmerized into a harmony shared with strangers and friends.  The performers were energized and well-coordinated with the stage and its props.  They were our personal templates to the African dance culture.  Their movements were hypnotic and graceful which kept it hard to sit back into your seat.  They even made a military  setting explosively enjoyable.   I’m currently planning to see this play again and if you love your family and a true harmonic display of unity during the sun or the rain, this play would make great gift and an exciting family outing.                                                                                                            DonYuan CholmondeleyIII /Veteran Upward bound


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