Amusement Rides

“Hello world. I had the strangest experience on my way to school while riding the 7 train. It took place about 3 weeks ago. To most people is probably normal, but not so much to me. It all started with an older blind gentleman singing. Actually, he was just mumbling words. He kept poking one of the passengers with his stick. I was under the impression he was able to see. It was more amusing when he transfered to the next cart while the train was moving. A pretty caucasian young lady and I kept making eye contact in amusement. As soon as the blind gentleman left this weird creepy old guy ask the young lady if she knew the blind guy. Anyone with common sense could tell there wasn’t any relation between the two. She simply said no. I found this to be an awkward moment for them. She seemed to be a little creep out. Personally, I found it strange. Just when I thought the amusement was over, two mexican guitar players hopped on the train. The minute they started playing and singing mariachi( Mexican music) in their high pitch voice I started laughing. On top of that, once the train went back in motion they collided against each other over and over again. I gave them some props for trying. My motto for that ride was expect the unexpected.”

By Jose Saladin


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