On February 17, I was invited by LaGuardia’s Veterans upward bound program to a Broadway show called, ”Fela!”. And I must admit, I honestly loved it! It was very inspirational., cultural, historical and intensely creative. The dancing performances were thoughtfully choreographed. Along with the costumes worn by the cast. The stage setting automatically gave you that club dance vibe. Which most definitely pulled you into the story. I enjoyed Sahr Ngaujah, who played Fela Anikulapo- Kuti, In particular. He added such raw, enthusiastic personality to Fela’s character. He even smoked on stage!!! I also learned a great deal about Fela Kuti from watching this show. Fela was sent to London to study medicine. But decided to pursue music. That is where he first began playing a style of music called, afrobeat. It was a mix of African jazz, funk and West African highlife. He even attempted to put out a movie but all of his material were burned by the military as they raided his home. But he didn’t let that discourage him. He later formed his own political party. In 1979, he even ran for president. This man was phenomenal! And this deeply inspired me!!! For a person to live in such turmoil and still remain focused enough to fulfill his life’s purpose. That’s powerful. I have already recommended this play to numerous friends of mine. Its like something I never seen. But don’t take my word for it…See it for yourself! Fela!

Kevin L. Parsons


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