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The Heights of New Expectations

April 22, 2010

Could you have imaged that? Is what I asked myself rhetorically. After hearing, singing, and tapping my feet to what I predicted to be, as 2010’s best play of the year. “In the Heights”, is where and what I can relate to. I loved Abuela Claudia! The grandmother that every inner city community has at least one of. But they can’t sing like this one. She can sing the sun to set; or maybe that was just the set crew?  Well anyway, she touched my heart. As for Usnavi, he was the main character who always try to do whats right by everyone he cared for; mainly his little cousin Sonny and his informally adopted abeula(grandmother) Cluadia. As for every other character, I really didn’t focus on anything else, but how beautiful Nina and Vanessa both were. They were both beautiful females with their own issues who needed love to help get them to the next scene of life. I know the similarities are that of every female you know. And after all this I have to mention my favorite, Benny. Yes, he’s the real man of play; similar to myself. I can relate to him wanting to be an entreperneur, hangin with Donald Trump, and even ending up getting the girl he wants. What more can I say? I know. Again!


In the Heights.

April 22, 2010

    the Heights was a wonderful. It showed how Nina had to leave College to so she can go work so she can pay for school. She didn’t want to trouble her parents about this but she knew she had to tell them. I look at this as part of life, at what we have to do to get ahead. I felt like her father was a person like me. I would give up everything that I own just so my kids can attend College.

    This story also showed me that with the help of  Usnavi and Abuela Claudia they kept the neighborhood together. At the end they really pulled together when Abuela Claudia passed away.  It was sad, but it was real. It showed me how we need to learn and love our family and neighbors more.

    What I really enjoyed was the dance performance in the different scenes, along with the singing in spanish. I really couldn’t understand the spanish and laugh like other people did, but I understand what the play was about. Life “In the Heights”.

Martin J. Smith / Batman

In The Heights!

April 22, 2010

In The Heights is a play pertaining to the lives of a community living in Washington Heights which is in Manhattan N.Y. In The Heights is currently showing at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. Among the many illuminating and unique characters I saw at this play I have to give props and recognition to Graffiti Pete this character started as the “bad boy”  of the play he hangs out on the streets listening to his boom box and causing mischief throughout the play.  However the reason why I chose graffiti Pete was despite all the trouble he caused he helped the community regain hope by painting Abuela Claudia on the gate of the usnavi’s Bodega gate (for a fee.)  as a memory helping remind the neighborhood that even though things come and go the mark left by the individual or individuals can  inspire anyone long as their memory is left and someone to express that person. graffiti Pete’s art helped bring the neighborhood to a new light……

The Rosario’s

April 22, 2010

      Every Filipino that I know would relate to the Rosario’s . You have your head strong dad, you have the pillar of the house which was your mother, and you had yourself. The Rosario’s was the oh so typical family. Watching the play I found myself in some scenes reminiscing, as if the play was based of my childhood. The father with machismo his did not always have the right answer. A mother with every strength of her desire , tries keeping the family together. And of course, “the bastard child”, no I just kid,  the child filled with dreams and aspirations, who fears disappointing her/his family.

In The Heights /Character Analysis

April 21, 2010

For my character analysis, I decided to choose Sunny.  Sunny was Usnavi’s cousin who helped him at  his Bodega.  Sunny actually turn out to be my favorite character of the play.  He was a very funny individual who had me laughing every time he opened his mouth, everything he said and did was just simply hilarious.  But aside from funny, Sunny was also a  really smart guy.  At one point, he even managed to fix his cousin’s bodega refrigerator.  Over all, I think Sunny character was very smart, funny and entertaining. I really enjoyed his performance.


in the heights with Benny

April 21, 2010

My analysis of Benny

In the heights starring Benny, is what i thought to be the one that i could relate to.

What i observed was a type of person like Myself, always looking out for someone else.

Benny worked hard, and new where he wanted to go in life, all that he needed was to get a break.

Benny had a plan and his plan included nina, she became the love of his life, but one thing got

in his  way,and that was Ninas father who thought that he was not good enough for his Daughter.

Her father believe that she would mess up her life if she stayed with Benny. You cannotstop or even get in the middle of two people when they are in love.Ninas father practicly raised Benny from a little boy in the neighborhood, Benny worked for him he was honest and trustworthy.

What realy impress me about Benny was that no matter how Ninas father treated him, he never disrespect her father.Benny truly love Nina. It was somewhat sad but not terrible, Benny and Nina would not be able to continue to see each other,for the both of them have come to a conclusion, that it would be best for her to go back to school.

Her mother and father made a decision to sell the business, because their daughter was more important. they wanted her too finish school. after giving her the news Nina was so very happy,but to leave the love of her life was going to be apart but not forgotten, they would soon be join together,Benny and Nina.

Benny finally grew up and said that he was going to start his own business and move to California. sometimes in life we must step out on faith, and trust in the God who made use ,and believe that he will lead use in the right direction. We cannot be afraid of what life will bring.

I truly believe that Benny stepped out on faith, he new nothing about California, what he had was a desire, and dream. He believed in himself, like myself I will never give up , I can make it, I will make it because I trust that God will give me the strength in order too succeed.

Yours truly ;

Michael Steward


April 21, 2010

There are many People that I’ve seen that their character are questionable but only one sticks out for me and that is Maximus from the movie Gladiator. He was robbed of his name and his dignity he strived to win them back, and gain the freedom of his men. His fortitude to overcome all obstacles amazed me. There are more things to talk about but check it out….

Joel Jean

In the Heights

April 21, 2010

   Abuela Claudia’s a clear example of most latin america grandmothers; sweet, kind, cheerful, with lot of patience and faith. She will tell stories of the past as it was yesterday and those around her will lisent. I always wonder why our elders will tell the stories over and over again, and seen Abuela Claudia in the play gave me a better idea. It is because with their stories they can give us a better understaning of life or share they expiriences so we can lear from them.

                                                                                                                                Joao A Jones

A Day at the Theater

April 21, 2010

                IN THE…….  HEIGHTS


      A wonderful urban story depicted of hispanic immigrants.

The character that I chose to do an analysis on is Usnavi.

Usnavi is portrayed by Corbin Bleu, who time and time again has proven to be an outstanding actor.  Corbin’s debut off- Broadway includes, Tiny Tim Is Dead, Brothers of the Knight and many more others. Corbin attended the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, and the L.A County School for the Arts.  One of Corbin’s most polarized fame, comes from his performance in the movies of High School Musical.

In this Broadway play, In the Heights, Corbin is playing a typical emigrant bodega owner who is at the center of the community. Usnavi is involved with most of the daily happenings in the neighborhood, as he pursues the love of his life, Vanessa. She is a beautiful young lady who works next door to his Bodega in a beauty Salon. Through a shuttered view of his bodega, Usnavi dreams of quoting Vanessa one day, and asking her out on a date.

In the end, Usnavi fulfills his fantasy’s by getting the girl of his dreams,  he remains the focal point of the community, with an inherited wealth that he receives from Abuela Claudia who entrust him with the her lottery winnings.  Abuela Claudia  is known as the community’s grandmother.  In the Heights, is a beautiful fun-filled Hispanic story of an American dream.

Written by Raymond Nieves Jr.

Buyer beware!

April 2, 2010

A Memory Perspective Piece.

      Refinancing a mortgage;

While I was in the process of applying for a refinancing loan to lower my mortgage rate.  I was very pleased that things were going well.  I had paid for an appraisal of the property and the results came back favorable, placing the value of my home at a very good price. This made it possible for me to proceed with the closing of the loan.  After reviewing all of the documents and signing them I was in the final steps of being approved for a new lower mortgage rate.  Then that’s when things started to go wrong, everything change.  First the lender decided to conduct  their on appraisal, using as they describe, a national banking method. The end result was not very thrilling.  According to their findings my property rated at a much lower market value then previously valued by the appraiser that did my home. This placed me in a situation of drawing up a different contract for the loan. This reminds me of the kind of situation that when you first think things are going well for you, they can always change and not always in your favor.  Thu the new contract offered a much lower rate then the first; it had many other premiums and cost that let me to withdraw from the entire deal completely.  Buyers beware.        By, Ray Nieves