A Day I will Never Forget

Memory Perspective

My strangest memory, it was an early September morning in 2001.

I was awakened by my wife to an eerie sound of concern in her voice. She said “Ray get up, it’s your coworker on the phone and he said it’s important.”  I was just two months into my new job with the United States Postal service. In fact, I was in the middle of my probationary period when Joe called. Joe was a fellow co- worker who like me had recently started on the job and was also a National Guard soldier.  I was still asleep when I got the call, it was my day off and I didn’t expect anyone to call, especially Joe. I was very surprise that he had called. As he spoke and uttered those words, i was filled with amazement and fear at the same time. I have always thought about what if a plane ever hits these buildings. I quickly tuned to the TV to find out more, to my surprise after turning through all the local News channels.  I found the news at channel 47 Univision.  

At the time it was known as an accident at the World Trade Center. While I was still on the phone with Joe, he had asked if I was going over to help. He knew this was something big, he knew it before I did.  He said.  “Ray, if you’re going over keep me informed.” At this moment we disconnected and my wife and I continued watching the set as we saw the story developed before our eyes.  Sara our oldest woke up, she was just three at the time and Arianna was just one years old.  As Sara watched us, she sensed that something was wrong. Not knowing exactly what to say she some how knew that daddy and mommy was very upset of what they were watching.  When the second airplane hit the other tower, my heart sank to the floor.  Fear had consumed me all over; I knew instantly that this was no accident. A total recall of combat from Desert Storm, in the deserts of Iraq filled my every being, but this time it was in my own back yard.  At that moment everything that I knew, everything I grew up believing was instantly gone. My sense of care free freedom, my security and peace at home ended that moment.  War at home had begun.                 By Raymond Nieves


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