A world in need of change.

Haiti: The story Continues

Why is the world help organization in a tangled web in Haiti, after the earthquake?

The danger continues, CNN news, reports on March 29 2010 That Haiti is now entering it’s raining season and many Haitians are still living in makeup shelters that they themselves put together. With over 1.2 billion dollars donated to the relief effort by many concerned countries across the globe and then so much more millions from US citizens. Why has the help that is so desperately needed not reaching those in need?

     More Haitian citizens are expected to join the Death toll due to their unpreparedness and the poor judgment of the country and the organization responsible for public safety.

What’s happening in Haiti is unacceptable, as am sure it is too many caring and concern citizens across the world.  Where is our humanity?  

How we deal with Haiti’s catastrophe will be a testament to mankind on how the world responds to future disasters. And weather the world will continue to sit back and allow that government to wait before it acts.

As CNN reported, when the raining season begins the disaster will continue. Floods, landslides, Homelessness, death, desperation and fear will become common in Haiti.   The time to act and do something to prevent further death is now. Why is the world help organization tied up in a web?

Who can stop the madness from continuing? Does the world need to hear of more pain and suffering, more death and destruction before we can come together and act, or can we realize that we’re in this together. All under one deep blue sky, all under the same sun dependent of each other.  Is disaster the only force that will lead us into our next evolutionary Stage?  I truly hope we don’t’ have to wait for that. Let’s get rid of the old school of thought and bring in a new.

                                                                                 Raymond Nieves Jr.


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