A Day at the Theater

                IN THE…….  HEIGHTS


      A wonderful urban story depicted of hispanic immigrants.

The character that I chose to do an analysis on is Usnavi.

Usnavi is portrayed by Corbin Bleu, who time and time again has proven to be an outstanding actor.  Corbin’s debut off- Broadway includes, Tiny Tim Is Dead, Brothers of the Knight and many more others. Corbin attended the Debbie Allen Dance Academy, and the L.A County School for the Arts.  One of Corbin’s most polarized fame, comes from his performance in the movies of High School Musical.

In this Broadway play, In the Heights, Corbin is playing a typical emigrant bodega owner who is at the center of the community. Usnavi is involved with most of the daily happenings in the neighborhood, as he pursues the love of his life, Vanessa. She is a beautiful young lady who works next door to his Bodega in a beauty Salon. Through a shuttered view of his bodega, Usnavi dreams of quoting Vanessa one day, and asking her out on a date.

In the end, Usnavi fulfills his fantasy’s by getting the girl of his dreams,  he remains the focal point of the community, with an inherited wealth that he receives from Abuela Claudia who entrust him with the her lottery winnings.  Abuela Claudia  is known as the community’s grandmother.  In the Heights, is a beautiful fun-filled Hispanic story of an American dream.

Written by Raymond Nieves Jr.


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