in the heights with Benny

My analysis of Benny

In the heights starring Benny, is what i thought to be the one that i could relate to.

What i observed was a type of person like Myself, always looking out for someone else.

Benny worked hard, and new where he wanted to go in life, all that he needed was to get a break.

Benny had a plan and his plan included nina, she became the love of his life, but one thing got

in his  way,and that was Ninas father who thought that he was not good enough for his Daughter.

Her father believe that she would mess up her life if she stayed with Benny. You cannotstop or even get in the middle of two people when they are in love.Ninas father practicly raised Benny from a little boy in the neighborhood, Benny worked for him he was honest and trustworthy.

What realy impress me about Benny was that no matter how Ninas father treated him, he never disrespect her father.Benny truly love Nina. It was somewhat sad but not terrible, Benny and Nina would not be able to continue to see each other,for the both of them have come to a conclusion, that it would be best for her to go back to school.

Her mother and father made a decision to sell the business, because their daughter was more important. they wanted her too finish school. after giving her the news Nina was so very happy,but to leave the love of her life was going to be apart but not forgotten, they would soon be join together,Benny and Nina.

Benny finally grew up and said that he was going to start his own business and move to California. sometimes in life we must step out on faith, and trust in the God who made use ,and believe that he will lead use in the right direction. We cannot be afraid of what life will bring.

I truly believe that Benny stepped out on faith, he new nothing about California, what he had was a desire, and dream. He believed in himself, like myself I will never give up , I can make it, I will make it because I trust that God will give me the strength in order too succeed.

Yours truly ;

Michael Steward


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