In The Heights!

In The Heights is a play pertaining to the lives of a community living in Washington Heights which is in Manhattan N.Y. In The Heights is currently showing at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. Among the many illuminating and unique characters I saw at this play I have to give props and recognition to Graffiti Pete this character started as the “bad boy”  of the play he hangs out on the streets listening to his boom box and causing mischief throughout the play.  However the reason why I chose graffiti Pete was despite all the trouble he caused he helped the community regain hope by painting Abuela Claudia on the gate of the usnavi’s Bodega gate (for a fee.)  as a memory helping remind the neighborhood that even though things come and go the mark left by the individual or individuals can  inspire anyone long as their memory is left and someone to express that person. graffiti Pete’s art helped bring the neighborhood to a new light……


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