In the Heights.

    the Heights was a wonderful. It showed how Nina had to leave College to so she can go work so she can pay for school. She didn’t want to trouble her parents about this but she knew she had to tell them. I look at this as part of life, at what we have to do to get ahead. I felt like her father was a person like me. I would give up everything that I own just so my kids can attend College.

    This story also showed me that with the help of  Usnavi and Abuela Claudia they kept the neighborhood together. At the end they really pulled together when Abuela Claudia passed away.  It was sad, but it was real. It showed me how we need to learn and love our family and neighbors more.

    What I really enjoyed was the dance performance in the different scenes, along with the singing in spanish. I really couldn’t understand the spanish and laugh like other people did, but I understand what the play was about. Life “In the Heights”.

Martin J. Smith / Batman


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