The Heights of New Expectations

Could you have imaged that? Is what I asked myself rhetorically. After hearing, singing, and tapping my feet to what I predicted to be, as 2010’s best play of the year. “In the Heights”, is where and what I can relate to. I loved Abuela Claudia! The grandmother that every inner city community has at least one of. But they can’t sing like this one. She can sing the sun to set; or maybe that was just the set crew?  Well anyway, she touched my heart. As for Usnavi, he was the main character who always try to do whats right by everyone he cared for; mainly his little cousin Sonny and his informally adopted abeula(grandmother) Cluadia. As for every other character, I really didn’t focus on anything else, but how beautiful Nina and Vanessa both were. They were both beautiful females with their own issues who needed love to help get them to the next scene of life. I know the similarities are that of every female you know. And after all this I have to mention my favorite, Benny. Yes, he’s the real man of play; similar to myself. I can relate to him wanting to be an entreperneur, hangin with Donald Trump, and even ending up getting the girl he wants. What more can I say? I know. Again!


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