BP’s *Big-Problem*

BP‘s Tragic Oil Spill

Date May 15, 2010

In the latest news of the Gulf of Mexico’s oil spill, CNN World News reported that the company BP has shifted the blame to the other corporate companies incorporated with their oil rig operations.  In addition the information that so far has been released to the public has been analyzed by some scientist as being misleading of the extent of the damage that is being done and the magnitude of the amount of oil being released in to the Gulf.  In keeping us up to date with BP’s efforts to gain control of the situation everything that they have tried has failed. Some of their elaborate ideas are mindboggling even in laymen terms.

          In Lou of the current crisis, I felt impelled to submit a hypothesis to the Army Corps of Engineers. As a trained petroleum supply specialist I came up with an idea on how to control the spill in the Gulf.  After its review by the army Corps of Engineers I received notification that they forwarded to BP as a possible suggestion to the problem.

                                                                              Raymond Nieves.


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