Short Newsletter

Several weeks ago there was a story about this lady that tried to get her handbag from the subway tracks. But got hit by the train. Again this weekend it happened again this time it was two people a man and a woman. The man died she is in critical condition; This seems to be a growing trend in our Big Apple. Could this be the start of an epidemic, we as scrape handlers are not aware of how dangerous this is.

The tracks may look like there close to the platform but when you go into them their pretty deep and then panic sets in because now you’re looking up to get out of them and into the platform. In the mean time its been already 10-20 minutes and the next train is about to come I say “What’s wrong with these people!!!”.

On the other hand the subway had lost a lot of their workers due to cuts mismanagement. Thats  why you use to be able to ask the booth attendant for help and this would come in a form of  either a police officer or a supervisor could stop the train and retrieve what had fallen on the tracks.

Have we become too careless, fearless, or just plain dumb. We need to get back on track, like the slogan says “If you see something say something” and not just jump in..



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