Theres an explanation for everything

In 1981 Fred Wilpon bought a 1 percent ownership in the NY Mets and became a 50/50 partner in 1986. That was the last time the mets celebrated a championship and have only made the playoffs 4 times since. There was a time when no matter how bad the team was they still drew good attendance but with the skyrocketing cost of tickets and the team no better than average you have to ask yourself what the hell happened to this franchise. The managers and general managers come and go and so do the players but the ownership stays the same. you cant fire them but you can hit them where it hurts, their pockets. Even though the Wilpons didn’t become majority owners until 2002, they have been part of this franchises decision making for 30 years. 1 playoff apperence every 6 years just dosent cut it and until they give it up it will never change.


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