Where are the Guardians of our Founding Fathers?

During this year, many different situations have sparked an eye opening experience in most Americans.

The economical collapse, major fraud in the Wall Street Financial industry, bank bail outs and massive foreclosures in the housing market and yet, throughout all of this the spirit of America has endured.

But know there seems to be a dark rising coming from the bowls of our country threatening the very fabric of the American spirit.

A move to reform America by a selected few has stirred up and awakens a sleeping giant. Emigrational profiling in Arizona has caused a create debate across the United States along with their new legislations.

Arizona has thrown the first stone against the very fabric of the American values, giving many Americans a bitter experience as to where we are headed as a Nation. And just before it could all be soaked in, another stone was being cast when they decided to passed legislation prohibiting classes of any other ethnic back grounds to be taught in their public schools.

This has added an insult into the academic structure of this country, by inhibiting a different perspective of the American story. Other States like Texas has laid their claims as to what curriculums should be taught in our public schools. It seems that it brings to mind, whose history are we actually teaching when it comes to the American story.

Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona prohibits classes that advocate ethnic solidarity that are primarily designed for a particular race or group and that they shouldn’t teach about oppression or resentment towards America.
Yet most of our history books consist of a European migration, starting from Christopher Columbus and all throughout the colonial conquest of this Nation; in this virgin of history, oppressions and resentments are taught when it was faced by the British rule. What we find in our history books in reference to other ethnic groups, is solely of the continuing story of the American struggles between deferent ethnic peoples. How quickly can some of us come to forget that what make this Country so great are its vast diversity and its ethnic cultures?

Raymond Nieves Jr.


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