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It helps

June 17, 2010

just what I think of the upward bound program. The take basically rusty veterans and turn them into math killers (or english killers depending on what you want to kill.) I personally was among the more rusty students but now I think I may be a bit more prepared even than when I got out of high school (but that’s just an opinion.)

Drat, I was hoping that topic would take more sentences to explain; looks Like I suck again. Oh well. Need to kill sentences, liker now. Ok; here goes.

I am the hardest thug in the whole school and I’m a rapper. (YOU ARE NOW JEALOUS AND PROBABLY HATING OR SOME NONSENSE LIKE THAT.) I’m coming to YOUR house to take your momma for a night on the town,… there; take that. We’re gonna see “The Killers” and afterwards get high on crack in the dirty alley. (I hope someone takes me literally cause I’ll never respond to their anger,… unless they of course keep it real and find out where I work and get me there. You don’t want to test me at home boy. Thrust me,… I mean trust me. (Do not take this sertious, I was just killing sentences.)

Marc Graham


Last week

June 16, 2010

I have one more week before I go on vacation. I haven’t had any time for myself for a long time now, going from work to school. It doesn’t matter anymore now; I’m going to Italy for 3 weeks. Hot sun, good food, awesome people I haven’t seen in a year, I can’t wait.

Laskowski, Michal

stuff on my mind

June 16, 2010

So I spent the first part of my day trying to contact GED Testing Centers withing the five boroughs. So far i have discovered that getting a GED is harder than one might think. This is due to the fact that barely any of the of the places that i have called, had someone there to answer the phone. To take a GED test at most testing centers, one has to send in an application by mail (together with a stamped envelope with a return address), and then wait for therm to get back to you. It is difficult to even find out if there is any seats available.

On another subject. After the softball game that i was supposed to play this past sunday fell through. I have decided to try to put together my own weekly game. I am trying to get enough people together, to play a friendly game every sunday. the game would probably be played in Mill Basin because they always have an open field available. Me and a buddy have some bats, a set of base’s, and a box of softballs. if anyone is interested in playing, they can contact me at 347-546-3995.

On the other hand if anyone play’s in league and they are in need of another player, I would love to join.

Mendel Levertov

My last week at the VUB.

June 14, 2010

My last week with the VUB classes, this i s my second time around.

I am really thankful for this program helping me full fill my dream of getting into College / LaGuardia College. My plan is to not let them down, and do the very best possiable. By the time I leave I plan to have a degree, and for everyone to know about Batman / theblackbrucewayne.

Thank you to all my friends and staff at the VUB. A special thanks to my friend Curtis. He rolled with me thru the program with me twice. He is the Robin people keep asking me about. Smile. We always called and checked on each other and always made sure we was going to attend class. A true friend that help me stay thur this, a true friend. Thank you, and I wish you the best when you enter College.

Martin J. Smith / Batman / theblackbrucewayne


June 7, 2010

So I know neighborhoods always change after a certain time; characteristics and people move in and out, but yuppies are getting on my nerves. When they move in they do bring in good change to the area with establishments and housing, but after a while they seem to annoy society all ready living there. They try to change certain aspects in the way of life that has been already accustomed by its natives and complain about everything. They crowd the trains with their bickering and nonsense, multiply in high numbers with many kids, and always act a fool on the streets at night during the weekends behaving like adolescents with their immaturity and yuppiness. One individual that moved into my building asked me who the mail man was because she had issues with her mail and that the post office gave them an attitude and were not helpful. I told this person to call the customer service number for the postal service and their reply was ” You grew up here, do something.” After realizing what this yuppie insisted and backing down from what I really wanted to say, I implied for them to call 311, “It is a direct number to Mayor Bloomberg’s office and by the way welcome to New York.” They are merging and mixing in to New Yorks cultural-rich sections at a rapid rate: maybe we should have immigration laws on how many of these “tontos” migrate to the big apple.

– Jeff Carvajal

Banks Fleecing Customer’s Again

June 3, 2010

Today as I was checking my bank statement online; I noticed several withdrawal charges on my account that I did not recognize. I was confused and called customer service and began to explain to the customer service representative my concerns. She spoke in a nice tone and greeted me with the usual company mandated greeting. She explained that the reason for the extra chargers were because I used ATM machines outside of my bank. I asked her if she thought that it was fair that I paid ATM fees to withdraw money and now my bank was also charging me an additional fee. I became irate that they would do something so underhanded and deceitful. Banks are constantly exploiting people and is the main cause for the economic conditions that exist today. The greedy Bankers and Wall Street types have ruined this country. I now have a new found respect for the likes of machine gun Kelly, John Dillenger and Jessie James. They did stand for this kind of abuse.

Rafael Gonzalez


June 3, 2010

Why am i doing this?… Do I look like Perez Hilton to you? -__- … I’m not getting paid for this! and I have way too much on my mind to think about something specific to blog about. Forget this! I’m out!, but i’ll leave you with this… What if one’s own perfection was a single thought away?, if one’s own individual perfection was truly in one’s own perception of what perfection is ?… peace.


June 3, 2010

Thank you very much! don’t forget to close the door behind yourself,once the door of opportunity opened, jumped in, perfect timing. Decorate this place,fix it up – type in the right codes. Open the other doors, take a look on the other side, watching for the right time to jump into the next dimension. The cycle is coming around once again,watch your sides. Aim low, set a reference point.

Reginald Williams

Facebook games

June 3, 2010

When I first opened a Facebook Account, my intentions were to meet up with old friends in past and the new ones I had just meet while I was in the army. But nowadays I just get updates about my friends “farm” or how they need money for a “restaurant” they supposedly own. If your online that long to waste your time on stupid games……….you need a life. Go read a book, pick up an instrument, etc…..challenge your brain doing something productive instead of wasting my time alerting me about nonsense.

Larby Guity

This one’s on us

June 3, 2010

There used to be a time that Coney Island was one of the dirtiest places in NY, if not the country. Then the over the last couple of decades an effort was made to clean it up and give it a different look; to bring it back to it’s former glory. It worked. Coney Island looks better than I ever remember and my memory goes back to the mid ’80’s. However, despite the water being clear enough to see your feet when your at knee level you can’t help but notice the Nathan’s wrapper in front of you floating in the water. Or the thousand’s of other trash in the water, sand, and right next to the garbage cans. You kick it walking anywhere on the beach or the boardwalk. If you were to lay down in the sand, you could look in any direction and be disgusted by the amount of trash surrounding you. This isnt oil or a natural disaster. No war or terrorist act. The problem this time is us; maybe it always is.

Cesar Maceira