E.B White’s, Three Types of New Yorkers
E.B White describes in a phrase three types of New Yorkers, which are native, Commuters, and settlers. To identify my self with one of these types of New Yorkers I would have to incline to being a settler.
I came to the United States at the age of three years old, in1966. I don’t remember much of the migration only that I was sent ahead with my create aunt Tia Leus, who was my grandmothers sister. My mother with my sister’s ad venturesomely all arrived at our aunt leus apartment that year in Bushwick Brooklyn New York, the only exception was that my younger brother never made the journey to meet up with us. As I understand it, we took over our aunt’s apartment which was on the top floor of a building facing the double LL train; we lived there for many years. In fact one day I recall there were a huge fire in the rail road tracks several stations away.
As a migrating family they were looking for the American dream, to improve for them self’s as well as to provide a better way of life for us. As settlers we moved from place to place, living in many areas of Brooklyn, as more and more of my family came to America from Puerto Rico. I had the privilege of traveling to many other parts of the city to reunited and visit with my cousins . At some point I knew over three hundred family members from across the tri-state area.
As E.B White states in her description of the New Yorkers, I must agree that the settlers are the heart beet of New York; for truly those that came and settled brought with them there cultures and passions from across the world ,which is a reason why New York is the melting pot of the world.
By Raymond. Nieves Jr.


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