Banks Fleecing Customer’s Again

Today as I was checking my bank statement online; I noticed several withdrawal charges on my account that I did not recognize. I was confused and called customer service and began to explain to the customer service representative my concerns. She spoke in a nice tone and greeted me with the usual company mandated greeting. She explained that the reason for the extra chargers were because I used ATM machines outside of my bank. I asked her if she thought that it was fair that I paid ATM fees to withdraw money and now my bank was also charging me an additional fee. I became irate that they would do something so underhanded and deceitful. Banks are constantly exploiting people and is the main cause for the economic conditions that exist today. The greedy Bankers and Wall Street types have ruined this country. I now have a new found respect for the likes of machine gun Kelly, John Dillenger and Jessie James. They did stand for this kind of abuse.

Rafael Gonzalez


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