This one’s on us

There used to be a time that Coney Island was one of the dirtiest places in NY, if not the country. Then the over the last couple of decades an effort was made to clean it up and give it a different look; to bring it back to it’s former glory. It worked. Coney Island looks better than I ever remember and my memory goes back to the mid ’80’s. However, despite the water being clear enough to see your feet when your at knee level you can’t help but notice the Nathan’s wrapper in front of you floating in the water. Or the thousand’s of other trash in the water, sand, and right next to the garbage cans. You kick it walking anywhere on the beach or the boardwalk. If you were to lay down in the sand, you could look in any direction and be disgusted by the amount of trash surrounding you. This isnt oil or a natural disaster. No war or terrorist act. The problem this time is us; maybe it always is.

Cesar Maceira


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