So I know neighborhoods always change after a certain time; characteristics and people move in and out, but yuppies are getting on my nerves. When they move in they do bring in good change to the area with establishments and housing, but after a while they seem to annoy society all ready living there. They try to change certain aspects in the way of life that has been already accustomed by its natives and complain about everything. They crowd the trains with their bickering and nonsense, multiply in high numbers with many kids, and always act a fool on the streets at night during the weekends behaving like adolescents with their immaturity and yuppiness. One individual that moved into my building asked me who the mail man was because she had issues with her mail and that the post office gave them an attitude and were not helpful. I told this person to call the customer service number for the postal service and their reply was ” You grew up here, do something.” After realizing what this yuppie insisted and backing down from what I really wanted to say, I implied for them to call 311, “It is a direct number to Mayor Bloomberg’s office and by the way welcome to New York.” They are merging and mixing in to New Yorks cultural-rich sections at a rapid rate: maybe we should have immigration laws on how many of these “tontos” migrate to the big apple.

– Jeff Carvajal


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