stuff on my mind

So I spent the first part of my day trying to contact GED Testing Centers withing the five boroughs. So far i have discovered that getting a GED is harder than one might think. This is due to the fact that barely any of the of the places that i have called, had someone there to answer the phone. To take a GED test at most testing centers, one has to send in an application by mail (together with a stamped envelope with a return address), and then wait for therm to get back to you. It is difficult to even find out if there is any seats available.

On another subject. After the softball game that i was supposed to play this past sunday fell through. I have decided to try to put together my own weekly game. I am trying to get enough people together, to play a friendly game every sunday. the game would probably be played in Mill Basin because they always have an open field available. Me and a buddy have some bats, a set of base’s, and a box of softballs. if anyone is interested in playing, they can contact me at 347-546-3995.

On the other hand if anyone play’s in league and they are in need of another player, I would love to join.

Mendel Levertov


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