It helps

just what I think of the upward bound program. The take basically rusty veterans and turn them into math killers (or english killers depending on what you want to kill.) I personally was among the more rusty students but now I think I may be a bit more prepared even than when I got out of high school (but that’s just an opinion.)

Drat, I was hoping that topic would take more sentences to explain; looks Like I suck again. Oh well. Need to kill sentences, liker now. Ok; here goes.

I am the hardest thug in the whole school and I’m a rapper. (YOU ARE NOW JEALOUS AND PROBABLY HATING OR SOME NONSENSE LIKE THAT.) I’m coming to YOUR house to take your momma for a night on the town,… there; take that. We’re gonna see “The Killers” and afterwards get high on crack in the dirty alley. (I hope someone takes me literally cause I’ll never respond to their anger,… unless they of course keep it real and find out where I work and get me there. You don’t want to test me at home boy. Thrust me,… I mean trust me. (Do not take this sertious, I was just killing sentences.)

Marc Graham


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