Keeping the Faith

                                                                                 Daniel Rangel         

          I am currently pursuing a career in the telecommunications field.  I have five years experience as a cryptologic technician where I performed the daily tasks of the telecommunications realm.  After leaving the service I entered the profession of an electrician and I love what I do but I also would like to broaden my horizon.  I also obtained my FAA Airframe and Powerplant  Certification along with very useful knowledge and experience at Aviation High School.  In light of my past experiences I am very persistent in pursuing a career in  telecommunications not only because it what I do well but also because it is what I like to do. 

          The high and low end of the annual salary bracket for a telecommunications specialist is 70,000+/- for the high and 55,000+/-  for the low. The statistics for New York City is slightly higher than that according to the Department of Labor website for New York.  Both ends of this spectrum  is more of an annual salary that meets my lifestyle.  The optimistic aspect of this profession is that employment opportunities are readily growing especially with the advanced paced development in technology.  The current statistics from the year 2008 to the year 2018 show 30% job growth in computer network/database administrators, and 53% in my specific preference of  network systems and data communications analysts.

          I have some past fellow service members that are employed in this field and they give me advice from time to time but the best advice that I take to heart is that even though there is a lot of opportunity and the compensation is suffice is that it is a very competitive career because as technology advances you have to advance along with it.  This is something that I do not mind because I actually like learning and keeping my mind open.

            My goal of completing the necessary requirements for this profession include and start with attending college.  Most of the telecommunication jobs that are available require at least and associates degree in telecommunications.  I will be setting my goals to achieve a bachelors degree in telecommunications as well as a  A+certification.  I plan to achieve my degree as fast as I can by attending college full time as well summer classes.  I have faith that with both a bachelors degree in telecommunications and the A+ Certification along with my professional experience I will be competitive in the current and expanding job market.


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