Letting Go


I am your creator – all I  ask I ask Let Go

When I wipe away your sins – they’ll whiter than snow

I’ll always love my sisters & bro’s

But reality is you reap what you sow

I don’t care if it’s money you owe

Your problems I could handle – no matter how low

Even if you sin 10 times in a row

Resist the devil my word over flows 

Don’t worry about tomorrow even though

Lillies don’t worry – but still they grow  

It’s your free will this chance don’t blow

Depend on me – all things will be so

I’ll make you rich – not pertaining to dough  

but rich in heart – with a spiritual flow

I change lives – at that I’m a pro 

I will give you a spark – better yet a glow

Now place you could hide – I don’t care where you go

your arms are too short – to go toe to toe 

But anything you ask – my answers will show

Yes, not now, – but will never still you no

Out of all your trouble – little did you know 

Out of all your trouble – littel did you know

I was always there – but you never did Let Go 

By: Tony McClinton


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