I grew up in the South Bronx and never cared much for school. In 1970 I joined United States Marine Corps, while in the service I got my G.E.D. I got discharge in 1971 starter working in the printing trade as pressman for 37 years.  On January 22 2010, I lost my job. I was working for Fonar Corporation for eight years. I applied for unemployment insurance. For three month I did nothing but stay at home and exercise, clean and watch television. One day I had an appointment with my doctor, Dr. David. As we were talking she spoke to me about going back to school. She told me call the veterans’ vocational rehabilitation center at the veterans’ main office. I called and got an appointment and met my rehab counselor Cheryl A. Bourne. She tested me for my level of education and recommended the Upward Bound program at LaGuardia Community college. I found out I needed my G.E.D because my military records were destroyed in a fire in 1973.

I decided to get “re-educated.”  My   goal   is to complete this program and go to QUEENS ADULT LEARNING CENTER for my G.E.D.  From there I hope to continue with college. Maybe it’s never too late for an adult to go back to school and start again in life.



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