1 step closer to a healthier world.

i believe that Doctor Maring’s idea to make doctors more healthier is a good idea. Eating healthy is very important not only for doctors though for all people in general, and if top notch doctors could become more concerned about their eating habits, it might tricle down to regular people who are not in the medical field. Doctors should always become concious of the things that the consume because it can also effect how they do their job.

if the doctors took part in eating healthy it would help them to think better and become more progressive in helping their patients to become more healthy. eating foods that are not good for health can be addictive, like cheese burgers, french fries and ice cream, these things taste good, though they are also high in calories and can also make a person move slow, now if a doctor had bad eatings habits they can happen to be over weight and wouldnt help on being punctual to there patients hospital needs.

all it takes is for a few doctors to implement the values of healthy eating and it would change alot. Doctors have big influence on people all around the world. if we can all start to eat healthy just because of a few concious doctors, we would all have better ways of thinking and progressing in the world. health is a gateway to producing posotivity.

in conclusion, i think its a good idea for the doctor to try to make the other doctors more health concious, because that is a start to making the patients more healthy and concious of their diet, 1 step closer to a health world.

Tyleek Henry


3 Responses to “1 step closer to a healthier world.”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    I like your take on this article and I agree with you all the way!

    Winston, Garay

  2. veteransupwardbound Says:

    Ive been into health and nutrition and natural herbal remedies way before the doctors decided to save tax money on it. mike clarke

  3. veteransupwardbound Says:

    Thank you for posting, Tyleek.

    Crystal Artis

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