Doctor’s orders: Eat well to be well

I agree with the work of  Dr. Marin in the awareness of the way nutrition affects our life’s and well being.

Nutrition is the foundation of our well being. From the food that we eat we get out daily vitamins, minerals, carbs ect. The way we eat also shows in the way we perform weather it be in sports, school, or just during the average day.

Is very important that we know what to eat and when. Definitely is important we get educated on how to prepare our meals so we can get the most out of them. Fresh food is always better and more nutritious. Some doctors now days do not know the difference and don’t how to advice obese patients about their eating habits.

I agree with the work of Dr. Marin and I think is very commendable. Definitely good health begins with the choices we make when it comes to our eating habits.

Winston, Garay


2 Responses to “Doctor’s orders: Eat well to be well”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    this post was positive, it hit a couple of good points, about doctors not really knowing how to treat obese patients, if they are obese themselves.

    Tyleek Henry

  2. veteransupwardbound Says:

    I agree with you 100% Winston, we can’t always blame the food we eat. We are in charge of what we eat and everything we eat affect our day to day performance. I think if we want to be active and out going
    everyday day we should pay attention to what we eat and encourage others to do the same.

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