health article issue

           Doctors learn about health and nutrition in pre med studies. It is nothing new.

The major hospitals financial analysts and C.F.Os are trying to take advantage of the Obama’s tax credit on reduction of health care insurance costs, and rising concern for public supplemental nutrition health needs. Kaiser Permanente Corporation  [KPR] N.Y.S.E., has found is finding new tax credit deductions to offset its lagging  earnings for past  years to help boost the health care sector.[KPR]up 42.billion from 37.8billion This health care company plays a major role in insurance and hospitalization. It is a major corporate player in the medical/insurance providers.  It is a blue chip stock that is hard to beat  and known for multi billion takeovers and deals. Mainly known for its take over of  Intuit Surgical  @78.9 billion the historical 12th biggest  takeover in  United States history. “It will do anything to gain the edge. ‘its un beatable monster.”J.M. Burkhart,L .A. Times Finance Editor. With the H.M.O.s headed for financial disaster it has to get a ‘green edge’ against its competitors. This is why doctors are getting on the ‘green band wagon’.  to save tax money. before doctors were milking the sweet milk from the H.M.O. cows and finding diseases and problems with their health to keep them in the hospital bed to suck their health care money. Now by Obama ‘they really care about you’ they change their tune and suddenly the leopards changed their spots?

 Mike Clarke


4 Responses to “health article issue”

  1. frank Says:

    very interesting view point in this blog. Good investigating to find out the facts about why they are really going green. Great read

  2. veteransupwardbound Says:

    Thank you for posting, Michael.

    Crystal Artis

  3. veteransupwardbound Says:

    I was a little thrown off but it was interesting facts that i just learned about so thanks mike

    Saquence Lewis

  4. veteransupwardbound Says:

    To me this was a very interesting article. HMO was a big problem back
    in the days. To be continued. class is over.

    Anthony Fermin

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