Eat Well to Be Well

On an article on The New York Times, posted on September 21, 2010, it talks about Americans’ and their bad eating habits.  Also, how a single man, Dr. Preston Maring , has done to help patients and even his colleagues in adapting in eating a well balance meal and improve a better quality of  life.  This article has been an eye opener, especially for me.

I have gotten to believe that doctors are just Hippocrates, they demand so much out of their own patients, while they are doing exactly the opposite.  So many times people tent to believe that eating a small hamburger, French fries and a coke a day, will not harm your health.  So many people think this way, I used to think the same: “If I eat a Mcdonalds meal, regular size, for lunch everyday day.  It’s ok, it’s not like I am eating it three times a day.”  But in actuality, it does, fast food tent to process longer than a well balanced meal.  That is when prepared with little to almost no fat.  One does not notice it at first, but little by little your arteries start to clog, you’re starting to feel heavier, have problems breathing, until you have a stroke.  If you are lucky, then you might get a chance to improve your quality of life. If not, at least you got to eat what you enjoy most.

Years ago, when there was no McDonalds or any other “Fast food restaurants”, people were much happier.  See, most people have forgotten the importance of a “Meal”.  Before, most families will gather to eat on the same table, together.   Spend quality of time with their significant others and/or kids, talk about what happened during the day.  It was a moment to bond.  Some families will go out for a walk after eating or maybe play a game of sport before or after dinner.  Now, everything is so fast pace and little time to do anything.  It usually goes this way:  Wake up, eat breakfast (that is, if you got time), Lunch (anything close by, that is quick, cause you may only have 30 minutes to eat and go back to work), and Dinner (That is, if you feel like cooking after a long days work, otherwise you’ll be having something similar you had for lunch.)

Dr. Maring, has been trying to pass on, something that is so old, but in so many ways efficient.  Dr. Maring mentions how people should learn to prepare their own meals out of natural organic fruits and vegetables.  I don’t like to mince garlic, or chop onions, so I’ll buy the ones that are already prepared.  Not good at all, they all have bunch of preservatives.   Many Americans would benefit from home made healthy meals than those that are easy to prepare or are already made for you.  Also, including exercise in your daily life would improve your health.

Finally, I believe that the changes we make to our live style will affect the lives of those around us, including our children.  Setting a good example will help them to be better.   They’ll hopefully accomplish things that maybe we’ll never able to do.  But, it’s never too late to change who you “we” are and maybe we’ll be able to accomplish those things ourselves, in a near future.  Our health is the most important part of us and with it we can provide so much to society.

Diana Swisher

VUB – Student



3 Responses to “Eat Well to Be Well”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    I think it was a well written post. I am in agreement with her assessment, about the eating habits of the average person. I also agree with her thoughts on the family not sharing enough quailty time together during meal time. James Young

  2. veteransupwardbound Says:

    Thank you for posting, Diana.


  3. veteransupwardbound Says:

    I agree with you, We as a culture have strayed away from the importance of physical activity incorporated with healthier food choices. Steve H. Campbell

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