Is nutrition a vital part of medician

                    Despite evidence that doctors have a greater life expectancy than average, they don’t necessarily look after their own dietary health, according to Dr. Walter Willett. If you consider this statement to be true , then how can nutrition be a part of  medicine?  some doctors believe that, without good nutrition your health will greatly suffer. Some doctors believe that nutrition cannot substitute for medicine. I think that nutrition is vital, if  not the most vital medicine the human body can have.

                    It isn’t uncommon to see doctors snacking of junk food, But a cigarette is considered taboo. It’s funny that the person you put your medical trust in, doesn’t know much about the importance of a good diet.  Most doctors will give you a pill, and tell you that this will solve your problems.  It’s the quick an easy fix that eventually wins the day.

                     There is an old saying,”you are what you eat”!  People seem to forget that the better the food you eat, the better you will be in the long run.  Medicine is good, most the  time for treating symptoms in the body.  An  that’s  the extent of  it, as far as medicine is concerned, just treat the symptoms.  The human body is far more complicated than that.  When there’s a problem with one thing in the  body, there are usually other things going on inside.

                      With the right diet,and vitamins, there should be no epidemic of obesity in this country. The problem is that junk food is a big industry, and is very good at marketing.  An with the way people are constantly going from one place to another all the time, there isn’t always time to sit down to a good healthy meal.  They see all the posters with the cheap and inexpensive fast food, an think this all I have time for. 

                       In conclusion it isn’t only the doctors,that need to be educated about the benefits of a healthy diet,but all of us.  There are doctors out their, like Dr. Maring, and the others in the article Doctor’s Orders: Eat Well to be Well.  These doctor’s are trying to educate their fellow doctors , about the benefits of a healthy diet.



2 Responses to “Is nutrition a vital part of medician”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    Interesting opinion, I agree that nutrition should be everyone’s responsibility, not just the doctor’s. Steve H. Campbell

  2. veteransupwardbound Says:

    I completely agree with you. Doctor’s should educate themselves first and apply those habits as well and then ask their patients to do it as well. – Diana Swisher –

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