“Food is at the center of health and illness

I agree with Dr. Preston Maring’s opinion regarding the article Doctor’s Orders: Eat Well to Be Well by KATRINA HERON Published: September 21, 2010 in the New York Times. In which he stated “Food is at the center of health and illness.” I think it’s because what we eat can eventually make us sick, depending on the moderation of our consumption. Healthy food versus unhealthy food has been an issue,  which is constantly being examined in the United States today. Unhealthy eating is being blame for our present obesity situation. This is also compounded by a lack of exercise. I also agree with the opinion that “doctors must make all aspects of growing, buying, cooking, eating a mainstay of their medical educations.” In knowing these things doctors are able to create guidelines to their patient’s benefit. Then they’re also able to treat patients in all aspects.
Healthy eating however, is a habit that is on a case by case basis. Therefore, patients have to work in congruence with their physician in order to create a game plan of sort, when it comes to healthy food choices.  In today’s society, eating healthy is a matter of economics and availability.  People are only going to eat what is reasonably within their budget.  We are surrounded by “Dollar Menus”, as we all know Organic food products are way more costly that just a plain old George Washington. It is my opinion that some physician’s, themselves are unaware of how to treat obesity. Obesity is not just a by-product of unhealthy eating habits, it is in fact a number of other underlying causes that lend to the problem, such as depression, anxiety, culture, accessibility, and the list goes on.  When treating the patient, there has to be an interdisciplinary approach, where all areas of the patients needs are addressed.  Usually, when the patient goes to see the doctor, it’s because there is a problem at hand.  Therefore it is my belief that prevention is better than the cure. We as a culture have to investigate how to incorporate our environment in with our eating choices.  There has to be better pricing on healthier choices in order to get the consumer involved in making better decisions.  If not then, naturally the consumer is going to go for the food choice that works within their pockets and access.
Although it is easier to blame the physicians, people need to be honest with themselves and create some sort of discipline in which they are going to manage their diet and the health status.  Doctors need to incorporate a Nutritionist in their  medical practice, this addition would allow for better education of the patient from a professional who is trained specifically in that area.  The doctor-patient relationship is only as successful as the counterparts involved. Patients need to take more responsibility for themselves and their health.  In my opinion, the government also has to step up to the plate, and subsidize some of the cost, by creating an incentive program by which consumers can go to a variety food outlets, such as a farmer’s market, where fresher and locally grown produce can be purchased affordably.   Doctors also need to investigate the area(s) in which their patients reside and work in conjunction with clinics, supermarkets, gyms, etc. to create healthier options that will cater to that demographic of patients.  In closing, consumers have to take a larger role in their choices that they make and choose not to live a sedentary lifestyle.  Responsibility and  Action are integral in creating a better way of eating!!!!!

Steve H. Campbell


One Response to ““Food is at the center of health and illness”

  1. veteransupwardbound Says:

    why did u write in a small text. lol. but u are right people are quick to blame others instead of themselves. Like that woman that sued McDonalds for gaining a whole bunch of wait and won. That’s why now nutrition facts are on every thing and the calories
    Saquence Lewis

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