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Mosque near Ground Zero

October 18, 2010

The whole argument is immature.

The proposed mosque is not on ground zero property anyway. There are mosques in the United States. Its not like it the first one!

If a policeman states on his written instument ‘Violation.  ‘New York ‘Trespass  Penal law  140.05′  Yet you being one foot near the property line. You are not tresspassing! If we call this a free country,and our laws are honest and we say’ the land of freed0m the freed0m of  religion. This is just. There is no wrongdoing.

 Are we trying to prom0te peace in the world, or contentions by not allowing people to build their churches and habitat and homes?  If we The People oppose this, then it will only bring up more contenti0ns, disruptments, and chaos. Even more on a world level! It would only fuel more controversies between peace talks. On a world level it would hamper us being a mediator between Arab and Jewish communties and mediating the  middle east situation as a whole. People and Nations see these things as examples. If were trying to promote democracy let culture philosophy and religions exist.

Mayor bloomburg does not oppose it.

Every nation and religious group in history when they are new suffered hardships, discrimination, opposition, and worse  because they did not fit in? These conflicts need to subside to set a presidence for agreements and for peace talks to go more smoothly.

We need to start living together as a community first in our neighborhoods, then work outward as a  sufficient example into the world.

Do leaders lead by example?  Mike Clarke


Garry Israel Rocks!!!!!

October 18, 2010

Garry salutes you...